Date: April 17, 2020 - 11:30 am

Next Pullet sale at Trinity Haymaket is scheduled for April 17th. All pullets are PRE-ORDERED at Trinity Haymarket by calling our store at 214 202-2163 and placing your order. Pullets will be 12 weeks of age, sexed and vaccinated for Marek's Disease.  Breeds available are Black Australorps, Amearcauanas, Buff Orpingtons, Blue Wyandottes and Barred Plymouth Rock. Pullets will cost $30 each and msut be picked up the day of the Pullet Sale. We will need a phone number and email to coordinate timing of pickup of pullets. Trinity Haymarket has a wide variety of poultry supplies, organic and non-gmo feeds and treats and 9 chicken coops to choose from to complete your flock.  Our pullet sale reservations are first called, first served so don't wait too long to place your order.