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Poultry and Small Stock

Whether you're keeping chickens, ducks, pigeons or rabbits, we have the supplies that you need, including drinkers, feeders, grain bins, grit crocks, dusting powders, nest bowls and boxes in addition to portable backyard coops and hutches.We sell pullets at our store periodically so check in to see what is currently available.

Gardening and soil amendments

It's all about soil health when it comes to harvesting nutritionally dense fruits and veggies. The Haymarket has the products that will get your soil where it needs to be, including Azomite, Wildroot Organics, Garrett Juice Plus, Soil Menders Raised Bed Mix, Dried and Liquid Molasses, Liquid Seaweed, Compost Tea, Bat Guano, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Cottonseed Meal and much more. 

We also carry OLLAS which help to sustain plants during the hot summer. Great in gardens and containers. Ollas are unglazed clay pots that get water to the plant's roots with minimal evaporation above ground. They've been used for a thousand years.


If you're keeping bees in the city, we have an extensive great selection of woodenware (hive boxes), hive tools,smokers,brushes, queen excluders, and harvesting utensils to help keep your honey operation humming.

Small Batch Honey
Honey Bees