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Trinity Haymarket LLC specializes in non-GMO, non-soy, and organic feeds; supplies and tools for the small-scale farmer.


Products We Offer

 Organic Feeds

NonGMO Feeds

 Straw and Bedding

Oyster Sheel/Grit

 Organic Seeds

 Small Batch Honey

. Native American Wildflower &Grass Seed

. Elderberry Syrup

.Apple Cider Vinegar

. Jerky

.Organic Fresh Eggs

.Victor  Dog Food

.Urban farming books

. Tea Leaves & Coffee beans

. Tools

. Chicken Coops

. Tula hats

. Candles, soaps, lotions.

Homemade Jams/jellies

.Homemade Pickles.

Homemade SALSA

Garden Soil/Compost

Mulch/Soil Amendments

Much More Come see us!


Visit Us

1715 Market Center Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75207


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Horses in wheat field

Did You Know?

Some of the benefits of crop rotation include decrease in soil-borne diseases and insect pests, better soil structure and improved soil nutrition


       Hours of operation:

Mon-Fri 9:30 am till 5 pm CST  Sat 9:00 am till 3 pm CST



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