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C.E. Shepherd Compost Bin

This is the only Compost bin we carry and feel it is far superior to any others on the market.  Comes with a tower which can act as an aerator. Very easy to assemble. 

Organic Feeds

Trinity Haymarket offers a selection of non-GMO, non-soy, and organic feeds. We’ve searched far and wide to be able to provide the freshest, most palatable and nutritious feeds available in the area. All of the grains going into our feeds are grown by small farmers adhering to organic principles and methods, resulting in the most eco-friendly, nutrient rich product outside of growing your own.

Whole Grains

For those customers who prefer to mill and mix their own feeds, we offer a comprehensive selection of non-GMO and organic whole grains, from red winter wheat, oats, barley to field peas, milo and millet.

 Straw and Fodder

The Haymarket works hard to offer a wide array of fresh, clean, nutrient-dense baled  grain straw and dairy quality fodder. We endeavor to provide only grass, grain and legume products that have been grown and harvested without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, as close to home as possible.

Essential Minerals

Our mineral products, when offered alongside clean, fresh feed, provide everything your poultry and small stock need for optimal health. Like our feed and hay, we strive to offer essential minerals that are natural and wholesome.

Open-Pollinated Seed

For those customers who enjoy growing their own small patch of grain or garden vegetables, the Haymarket offers a full line of open-pollinated small grain, legume, and heirloom vegetable seeds.

Small Batch Honey

Being beekeepers ourselves, we couldn’t fathom not offering local raw honey to our customers. Its delightful, soothing and just plain good!

Native Wildflower & Prairie Grasses    

We are proud to carry a wide selection of Native American Seed Native Wildflower and Praire Grasses.  Read you land and match seeds compatible to your location is important. Aug-Nov are best times for planting annual spring blooming wildflowers. Perennial wildflowers can be planted in spring or fall.  Warm season native grass seeds germinate when soil temps are above 65 degrees. Plantings can be made anytime, but germination occurs from spring until 90 days before frost.

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