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Tools & Implements

Tools are available and implements will soon be available in our Dallas, Texas store. Go to map »


We like the idea of hand tools that actually work, are easy on the back, and are designed to last for a lifetime of hard use. Our European-style scythes are a perfect example; ideal for haying, harvesting small grain, or cutting hard to reach grass and weeds. The only power required is you.

Our hand forged hoe from Italy is another hand tool you'll find at the Haymarket. It is a delight to use for breaking up garden soil or cultivating row crops. A hoe and fork in one piece, it's the only tool you'll want to use after you feel the difference of real craftsmanship in your hands.

We will also be offering a complete line of forks for handling hay, straw, fodder and manure; some of them newly forged, and some vintage tools expertly restored for a new life of use on your small farm.

Farmstead Tools


The Trinity Haymarket was born out of our enthusiastic support of small-scale farming. As we see it, the use of animal draft power is an integral part of the small farm mix. And to this end, we will be gradually introducing a limited selection of rebuilt vintage ground-drive implements. Not meant to be museum pieces or collector's items, these HDI's (horse drawn implements) are as practical today as they were 75 years ago on thousands of small farms across America. And did we mention zero fossil fuel consumption, and very low soil compaction? Talk about "Green"! All our HDI's were made in the USA and rebuilt here in Texas.

Farmer plowing field