Beginner Beekeeping Class (Bee Biology)

Date: February 23, 2019 - 10:00 am

Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association will be offering a 6-part "Beekeeping For Beginners" series for 2019. These classes will are available as individual sessions ($35 per family) or as a package at a discount ($150 per family). Fees are further discounted for Trinity Valley members ($125/$25), so please feel free to consider becoming a member prior to your enrollment. Classroom classes will be at Trinity Haymarket (

2nd Class - Bee Biology (classroom)
This class will focus on honey bee anatomy, biology, and behavior. Basically, this will address everything that these amazing creatures do with or without us. Castes, foraging, wax production, honey production, defensive behavior, mating, individual reproduction, and swarming will all be discussed. An understanding of why bees do what they do will help equip you to make informed management decisions as you start your beekeeping adventure.