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Ox fodder: No. 4 The gut/brain/heart connection

For years, we (the bio-farming / eco-farming community) have been steering gardeners and livestock owners away from processed and chemical laden feeds and garden ammendments.  Our purpose has been to awaken peoples' awareness of soil health and the root causes of so many of our modern ailments. Sometimes our ideas are listened to, but more often not.


Date: April 12, 2014 - 12:00 pm

Trinity Haymarket will be closed on Saturday, April 12th so we can participate at Oak Cliff Earth Day 2014.  To find out more information about this great event go to their website at  Please stop by our tent to check out many of the products that we sell in our store and we will have our pullet sign up book as well.  Hope to see you at Oak Cliff Earth Day Saturday April 12th starting at noon.

Trinity Haymarket expands gardening amendments

Some of the great gardening amendments for your soil and seeds now sold at Trinity Haymarket incl
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