Ox fodder: No. 4 The gut/brain/heart connection

For years, we (the bio-farming / eco-farming community) have been steering gardeners and livestock owners away from processed and chemical laden feeds and garden ammendments.  Our purpose has been to awaken peoples' awareness of soil health and the root causes of so many of our modern ailments. Sometimes our ideas are listened to, but more often not.

Recently, a couple of very interesting books made their way across my messy desk, authored by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D., medical doctor, neurologist and nutritionist.  The first book is called Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and the second, Put Your Heart in Your Mouth. The information, backed by serious scientific studies and hundreds of footnotes leading to more studies, is astonishingly fresh and brave, akin to opening the windows of your home just prior to a summer thunder storm.For anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, un-explained dysthymia (sadness), or a host of GI and bowel disorders, take heart .There are some very plausable ideas here.  The root causes of many of our modern ailments may just be related to what we put into our bodies, what we breath in, and ultimately to the health of our soil. Much of what Dr. Cambell-McBride says will be poo-pooed by the conventional medical what's new?!  Many of us have intuitively known all of this to be true for years. Now some good, hard science, both inductive and deductive, is here to back it up. Check it out for your own health, and the well-being of your loved ones.

At Trinity Haymarket we're all about dispensing helpful information, whether it's about backyard chickens, organic gardening, or just living as eco-friendly as possible. There are answers. We just have to be proactive about doing our own research. We deserve it!