Chicken coop for sale

Come by our store and check out our new chicken coop for sale.  Dimensions are: 9'4" x 4' x 8' and coop itself  stands 8 feet tall. Ventilation windows on each side can be opened or closed.  Run area including area under coop is totally protected from predators with hardware cloth  Ideal for a flock of 4 to 6 large hens or up to 8 bantams.  Call Trinity Haymarket LLC  for more information on price and delivery at 214-202-2163 or come by and see the coop on display in our warehouse.  Price includes delivery, setup and stain of the cedar wood within 75 mile radius of our store at 1715 Market Center Blvd. Dallas, TX  75207.  

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Chicken Coop for sale

I was looking at your chicken coop you have listed for sale on your website and I can't find the price. Also do you have other pictures of it? I would like to see the inside, how it opens, nesting boxes, etc. Thank you


How much are your chicken coops?

Do you sell chicken coops?

Do you sell chicken coops? If so, how much?

Chicken coops for sale

We currently sell 3 models. One is a coop only (no run). It comes with an Automatic Chicken Guard door opener and is $1250 plus tax (includes delivery).
We have 2 other models that come with a coop and attached run (make with hardware cloth so more prdeator proof). One is approx 1 foot taller than the other. The prices on these coops are $1350 and $1650 and include delivery up to 35 miles from our store. There may be an additonal delivery charge if the location is more than 35 miles from our store. The coops are in our store for viewing.


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Chicken coop for sale

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