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Baby chicks for sale at Trinity Haymarket

Baby chicks have arrived and available for sale at Trinity Haymarket.   Choose from 4 breeds: Rhode Island Red, Olive Egger, Lavender Orpington and Mottled Java. Chicks have been sexed and double vaccinated for Marek's and Coccidiosis. Cost of chicks is $9.99 each. We also carry Organic and Non Gmo Starter feed, brooder lamps and heat bulbs, pine shavings and baby chick feeders and waterers so we are the complete store for purchasing the chicks. Contact us at 214 202-2163 to place your order or stop by our store 1715 Market Center BLvd Dallas, 75207 between 9:30-5 M-F or 9 to 3 on Saturday. Limited amount and this will be our last baby chick sale.