Trinity Haymarket POP UP MARKET

After 18 long months,  Trinity Haymarket is excited to once again host a POP UP Market.  We learned about these back in 2020.  If you are not aware of a POP UP Market, it's like a thumbnail edition of a regualr scheduled Farmer's Market.  However the key differences are that there is a nice variety of vendors from artists, craftspersons, foodies (food makers), and specialty small businesses.  Our event lasts only four hours and is happening on November 6 from 10 am to 2 pm.  In addition to the vendors, we hope to attract new customers to our farm store which is so unique in Dallas Texas.  I think we are the only FEED Store in North Texas or perhaps in all fo Texas that made one of our initial tenets that we would only carry ORGANIC and NON-GMO Grains and Seeds and Feeds for our gardeners and small livestock owners (Backyard Chickens).  However, we also hope people coming to our POP UP finally realize that our little store carries many local artisans products from homemade jams, jerky, salsa, pickles, raw honey, homemade fudge, toffee, popsicles and much more.  We have wonderful soy candles, goat milk soaps, and linen fresheners.  Only a small portion of the VENDORS here at the POP UP Market do we carry their products so its not just a duplication of what we carry in our store.

Its a fun event in a very large airy indoor comfortable setting so hopefully you will come check out both the MARKET and our store Trinity Haymarket on November 6 from 10 am to 2 pm.  Our store front is located on the NORTHSIDE of building address 1715 Market Center BLvd in the Design District.

Say hello to the owners Bill and Fred if you come to the POP UP.  See you there!!