After 2 years of planning, Trinity Haymarket is excited to be putting on their 1st Oak CLiff Coop Snoop Tour November 7th from 11 am to 4 pm. Purchase of the Passport Maps is $10 per adult and kids are free. The Maps can only be purchased at our store located at 1715 Market Center BLvd. Dallas, 75207 the day of the event. Our store will be open from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday Nov. 7th.

 This is a fundraiser for F.A.R.M. (Farmers Assisting Returning Military). a Non-Profit Vet Organization that houses at-risk vets and helps them cope with PTSD and other brain-related disorders by working on the FARM with fellow comrades.  F.A.R.M. will be on the Coop Tour. We wanted to support F.A.R.M. with a fun and educational event and what better way then introduce the growing movement of city folks having backyard chickens.  In increasing numbers both the young and old appreciate knowing where their food is grown, supporting  and eating local and having fresh eggs. We also promote feeding the hens only Non-gmo and/or Organic feeds.   The Coop Snoop will show off various designs of coops and you  can learn about the various breeds of chickens that coop participants own. 


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