Haymarket thoughts for the week

Haymarket Thoughts for the Week: WEEK #6

1) Duties of the worker bee (female) include: nurturing and feeding the bee larvae, feeding the queen, making and capping the honey into a comb, foraging sometimes miles away from the hive to collect pollen and nectar to make the honey and keep the colony alive.
2) Never underestimate the abilities of a FEMALE.


Haymarket thoughts for the week: Week No. 5
Consider using Ollas for amazing sub-irrigation and water conservation method in your garden. This is an ancient method of burying an unglazed clay/terra-cotta pot with the top neck exposed. Great way to get mositure to those underground roots.
Keeping hydrated should be on everyone's must do list daily. Your body will thank you for it.


Haymarket thoughts for the week: Week No. 4

Things you should do to keep your hens happy during the Texas summer heat: 1) offer watermelon, frozen or fresh fruit (melons, strawberries, blueberries) 2) ALWAYS keep their water fresh (change daily) and cool (frozen sports bottles drop into the waterer) 3) provide plenty of shaded areas and 4) allow them extra time out of the "hot coop" and into open areas of yard to feel breezes and catch some fresh air.

Find happiness in small things everyday like: 1) Greeting your dog--look for that wagging tail, smelling the roses, listening to your favorite songs, picking your own fresh fruits and veggies you grew, and enjoying that Free Pop Star Popsicle at Trinity Haymarket on Friday June 21.

Haymarket thoughts for the week:  WEEK  No. 3

1) Companion planting like planting basil next to your tomatoes helps to increase the yield and assists in pest control repelling flies and mosquitoes.

2) We are a mere microchip of many entangled large puzzles. There are benefits to our interconnectedness.

Haymarket thoughts for the week:  WEEK No. 2

1) To get to the "root" of the problem in having a successful garden its all about having a "happy" or living soil. Much of our local soil is dead and needs living microbes so be sure to add compost, worm castings, Azomite, Garrett Juice, Wildroot Organic Mychorrizal Fungi and other soil amendments to wake up your soil.

2) Positivity is the lifeblood of a happy person.

Haymarket thoughts for the week:  WEEK No. 1

1) The longer you let a watermelon sit on the vine the riper it gets and sweeter the taste.

2)  Age and experience are immeasurable.