Good fodder for Oxen: No. 3

It seems as though everything is bursting with joy this time of year in North Texas.  A sure sign is the noisy wren outside the bedroom window letting every creature within hearing distance know that his territory is not to be shared. Mr.Wren and his mate set up housekeeping in an old child's watering can hanging underneath the front porch eaves. In earlier times, it was commonly known that a wren nesting near or on some part of your home was very good luck. I hope this remaines true in 2016!  Either way, we're glad they chose our place, because during nesting season each wren consumes five times its' own weight in insects every day while feeding a clutch of gaping mouthss. They're jaunty little birds, and pay their rent in entertainment and song alone.

Another sure sign of spring is the blooming of the bridal-wreath spirea bush at the front door.  Its' beautiful cascading arms of delicate white flowers bring back memories of long ago when folks used this deciduous shrub in their hedgerows.  In more northern climes the shrub blooms closer to June, so was often used on wedding days; hence the common name bridal-wreath. The spirea's blooming is also a reminder that it's time to get your tomato plants in the ground with great haste! 

So,may you all have a joyous Spring 2016, and don't forget to provide nesting sites for our fine feathered friends and flowering shrubs and plants for our pollinators. And most of all, remember that the sights and sounds of spring are rich nourishment for our own souls.