Farmer's Market

Listed below are some of the great products available in our Dallas, Texas store. Many of these products are usually found at farmer's markets and many don't have their own brick and mortar store but the love our store and mission statement.  Go to map »

Full CIty Rooster Guatamela Coffee Beans

Dallas has plenty of coffee roasting studios but feedback for this one area has been a big hit with our customers. And roasted right here in Dallas. 


This Super Premium Dog Food is made in Texas and the formula uses scientifically advanced ingredients.  All the formulas are free from corn, wheat, soy and gluten.  This dog food supports digestive and immune health in your dogs. 



Family owners of this seasoning started ithe Bar M Ranch a few years after the Civil War ended. These seasoning contain organic spices and will spice up your meat dishes.  Give these seasonings a try! Recently changed the name to Spiceworks and new packaging so give them a try. 


The secret to the success of these homemade pickles just might be beer that is in the brine. Some like a traditional dill or bread 'n butter but T REX Pickles also have added heat if your palate prefers spicy.


If you are looking for city honey look no further than Texas Honeybee Guild raw honey If you are looking for another great Texas honey we carry Desert Creek.  In adition to raw honey we carry bee pollen and creamed honey.


THis is a great dehydrated dog food which contains raw ingredients. Your dog will love it. Comes in small and medium size bags. Just add water and wait about 15 minutes. You can make a batch ahead and store in the refrigerator.


Tasty, healthy dog treats that are low in calories. Grain free treats in crunchy bite sizes, skinny minis (chewy), Jerky strips, and chews good for their teeth and breath.


The name of the product speaks for itself. James Orrock tea connosieur has researched for and wide and supports tea estates that are small and pay fair wages to the tea pluckers. A wonderful variety awaits from green, black and herbal teas.  We carry tea eggs and bags.


Local artisan Kathy Neumeyer has a hit with her extraordinaty artisan spreads. Choose from scrumptious spreads including Meyer Lemon & Lime Marmalade, Sweet Onion Jam, Toasted Pecan-Pepper Jam, Ginger-Pear Preserves,Raspberry-Rhubarb Jam, Rosemary & Port Fig Jam, Peaches & Honey, Blackberry Jam, Apple Pie Jam, Blueberry Marmalade, Pear Butter, Mango Butter, Apple Butter and Old Fashioned Strawberry Preseves.


Creator of these wondrful  locally made cookes with a crunch, Paul Wackym has expanded his distribution out of state. Try the #1 seller Salted Caramel or many of his other hits like Sated Caramel Chocolate Chip, Hatch Cheese Nibbles, Oatmeal Walnut Currant, Lemon, Ginger Orange, Chocolate Snickerdoodle and many other great flavors!


Chef Milton has a hit a home run with hes great selection of salts, seasonings and rubs. Whether you cook or grill you will impress your dinner guests and your own family when you add these to your cuisine Choose from many including: Smoked Sea Salt, Salt & Pepper Melange, Lime & Cilantro Salt, Herbs de Provence with and without Salt, Green Hatch Chie with Salt, Garlic Butter Salt, Lemon Pepper and more!

Mrs. J's Heavn'ly Delights  

 Do you remember what homemade fudge, toffee, and cake drops taste like? Are how about hand crafted pop sicles?  We carry a great assortment of Mrs. J's fudge, toffee, and cake drops. (Check out the refrigerator-- thats where we keep it). And try one of her many savory and fancy popsicle flavors. We have them year round so come in anytime. 


Locally made, we carry her syrup in 2 sizes. Many folks see great benefits taking this syrup to ward off colds and helps to build their immune system. Quite tasty too. 

Cowboy Candy Salsa

Texas has no shortage of salsa, but few have the motto taste the sweet followed by the heat. 2 big hits are his Smoked Poblano and Garlic Jalapeno. We also carry his Candied Jalapenos. Local guy thats got a hit on his hand, Try some soon. 

Pastured Eggs  We carry fresh local pastured eggs raised on organic feed. Yummy!