Next Pullet Sale at Trinity Haymarket Scheuled First Week in September

With the help of Honey's Acres Farm in Cedar Hill, we are currently raising pullets that will be available around Labor Day. They are being  raised on Hugelland Non-gmo Premium Feed.  Among the breeds we currently have in stock are Black Australorp, Speckled Sussex, Easter Egger, Blacke Wyandotte, Cuckoo Maran and Rhodie Island Red.  Please contact the store at 214 202-2163 to reserve your pullet. We dont keep the pullets in the store until the day customer is picking them up.  The farm where they are getting fresh air and pasture  is Honey's Acres Farm in Cedar Hill, Texas. Please contact the store for more information about speciific breeds and cost  at 214 202-2163 or email us at


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